Regenerative medicine replaces or rejuvenates human tissues and cells to facilitate healing and restore normal function to the affected area. One form of regenerative medicine—Laser therapy— focuses a concentrated beam of light on the injury, causing a photochemical reaction that stimulates cells, and brings more oxygen and blood circulation to the area. This, in turn, can reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and help wounds, nerves, and tissues heal.

In podiatry, a variety of foot and ankle conditions can be effectively treated with laser therapy. Diowave Laser Technology is an FDA-cleared, advanced form of this kind of laser therapy. The Diowave 60 watt 980mm model generates micro-pulsed lasers (a pattern of rapid pulses followed by short resting periods) with no heat. By removing the heat, the podiatrist is able to pinpoint the laser onto the affected area for an unlimited amount of time. Additionally, 100% of these healing laser beams can be applied with exact precision—leaving the surrounding tissue untouched, which is highly effective when treating the focal point of a pathology.

The Diowave 60 watt 980mm laser does not break up or destroy tissue it is painless and non-invasive. The electromagnetic energy of photons in the laser beam promote pain relief, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing in various podiatric conditions including as plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, neuromas, and neuropathy.

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